Yankee Candle

Experience Design

Alex Glaum, CBM
Gabi Levi, CBM
Katie Kovach, ST
Lauren Acampora, AD
Kobby Amoaka-Atta, CW
Cinema 4D
Adobe CC

Yankee Candle has brand equity in their name, not their experience. They needed a way to grow appeal to a broader customer base so we reimagined their retail experience to give new life to the brand.


When Yankee Candle was founded in 1969 with a vision to be the Disney Land of Scents. While they are known as a playful brand that sells every scent you can imagine, there is one thing that holds them back from realizing their vision.

Retail Experience

Yankee Candle stores don't create the feeling of wonder. With promotional banners covering every window, it's hard for foot traffic to wonder what scents they might find inside.

When speaking with store managers, we learned that they don't have a shared system for organizing and displaying products in the store.

"Whenever something gets shipped in, we just find a place for it in the store."

Shoppers said they felt overwhelmed and confused because most of the candle jars were left open and everything was organized by color. While organizing products by color might be easier, it creates problems for customers and takes the joy out of candle shopping.

Yankee Candle needs a system for organizing and displaying products to make shopping feel like play.

Vision & Mission


In order to be the Disney Land of Scents, we needed to build an immersive environment that places candles at the center of the experience.



We want visitors to wonder about what fragrances are in the store and feel curious if there is the right candle for them.



1) Create a retail environment that attracts new customers to the store.

2) Design an experience that encourages visitors to interact with candles.

3) Build product displays that speak to brand's wide selection of candles.


Attracting New Customers


The environment is designed to invite new customers into the store.

Store Exterior

Store Layout


An open floor plan allows each visitor to feel in control of what they discover and compare. Employees can use the center tables to showcase candles by fragrance collections that fits best for their audience.

New Store Layout

The Tables


The tables were design to conceal inventory and showcase fragrance collections.

The Tables


The Fragrance Wheel


Organizing inventory by the four main fragrance profiles will help visitors navigate by categories they recognize.

Four Main Fragrance Profiles



Visitors can weave in and out of the featured fragrance collections in the center of the store. If they have a particular fragrance in mind, the fragrance categories on the wall make it easy to find.

Four Main Fragrance Profiles

Candle as Book


The library shelves behind the counter speak is visible from the exterior and speaks to the vast selection of scents that you can get at Yankee Candle Stores. Visitors can visit the employees at the counter if they need help finding what candle is right for them.

Library Shelf & POS System