Guided Learning

Guided Learning

Adobe Guided Learning is a free resource and set of libraries for enterprise customers that makes learning new skills easy and accessible.

Adobe tasked us with building deeper relationships with their enterprise clients and wanted to find new ways to connect with the creative-decision makers in these organizations.

During my time at VCU Brandcenter, I worked with a team of brand managers on this project. I was responsible for designing the user experience and user interface for the web platform. We pitched our concept to Adobe and later they created the Experience League.

My Role
Research, Strategy, UX/UI

‍Gabi Levi, Caroline Jordan, Beka Tesfaye, Alyn Carr, Caitlin Russell

Who are the 'Creative Decision Makers'?

  • Director of Marketing
  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Innovation

Which Adobe products do their teams use most?

Adobe Experience Cloud offers a collection of integrated solutions for enterprise marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce. It's a library of tools and integrations that help teams from production to deployment.

Customer Journey: Post Onboarding



Key Findings

Adobe’s enterprise clients were engaging with their products, not their communications. They had the tools to succeed but felt stuck because they weren't using them to their potential.

After researching Adobe's existing solutions for post-purchase education, we discovered that they did not fit the wants and needs of enterprise teams due to three factors:

  • They have busy schedules and were required to travel out of town for an in-person course.
  • They want to learn when it was convenient for them but could only access the online courses at a designated time of day.
  • The free resources online were fragmented, generic, and organized like a product manual. This made it hard for them to navigate and search for content that was valuable to their role and organization.

Customer Journey: Post Onboarding


If Adobe helps its enterprise users expand their skills and abilities, then they will build stronger relationships them.

If enterprise teams have the resources they need to get the most out of their existing tools, then their teams will be more effective and achieve better results.

Creative Decision Makers
If the creative decision-makers can prove that data-driven design is adding value to their organization, then they will have a stronger relationship with Adobe.


Guided Learning

Adobe Guided Learning enables enterprise users to build new skills so their teams can realize value faster with Adobe's enterprise products. The web platform uses machine learning to create personalized learning paths based on the user's role and industry.


Create something that enterprise employees actually want to use. They value their time most and are using Adobe's enterprise products to help their organization transform into a data-driven and a customer-centric enterprise.

Why this works

Offering a personalized service creates a feedback loop that helps Adobe see how their clients adopt their products and where they need help.


Sitemap and content

After researching Adobe's online resources as well as other e-learning websites, I decided that a basic layout consisting of several pages would be easiest for users to navigate and would satisfy the user needs we identified.

Learning Content

There are three types of content on the learning page that users can interact with based on their learning goals and time commitment.


Designing the interface

It was important to explore different layouts to better understand how the site's content could be organized and searched. After speaking with users and watching them search for different educational content on Adobe's websites, I decided to move with a design that focuses on engagement and chunks the different types of learning into different sections on one page.

Designing Cards

Learning content for Experience Cloud is often complex so I designed the cards to emphasize key information that the user needs. After deciding on a base card design, I created a variety of different shapes and sizes to account for the different types of content.

Recognition > Recall

In order to make the course content more recognizable and scannable, I created a visual system with the Experience Cloud product logos.



The home page organizes information by category and hierarchy to present the user with choice for the different types of learning experiences offered on the website. The page's content is broken down into three different sections based on three types of learning: Learning paths, Courses, and Tutorials. Aligning the colored cards horizontally helps the user scan the contents of each section.

Learning Paths

The learning path pages make it easy for users to view their current progress and discover more information about each course in the learning path.

Video Modules

The progress indicator at the top of the page shows the user how many sections they have completed. The user can click the tabs below the video to easily access related information and resources for each section and course.

Returning Users

The 'My Learning' page is designed to help users pick up where they left off when they return to the website. I chose to use tabs so the user can easily view what they've bookmarked and completed.


Creative leadership quiz

Enterprise clients felt that Adobe's communications always focused on sales and were impersonal. This is why we recommended that Adobe should create a quiz that helps the user learn more about themselves. It's a personal way to frame Adobe as 'The Teacher' and introduce enterprise users to the free learning service with suggested courses upon completion.

Onboarding Quiz

Employees access the service with their Enterprise ID. When they land on the website, they are prompted to take the 'Creative Leadership' quiz that helps them understand what makes them tick and how they work best in their organization. Questions for the quiz are based on personality type and leadership style.

Quiz Results

Once the user clicks submit, they are given an archetype, correlated strengths and weaknesses, and suggested courses. The on-boarding process helps Adobe uncover qualitative insights about their enterprise clients.

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