‍‍Logo Design

Graphic Design

Two entrepreneurs wanted to bring pickleball to Richmond, VA in the form of an entertainment venue. They had four weeks before they started their seed round of funding so they asked us to brand the sport and the space.


Gabi Levi

I collaborated with a strategist to name and position the brand. I was responsible for concept development and the logo design.


Pickeball is the fastest growing sport in the United States. While there are public courts other parts of the country, it hasn't been properly introduced in Richmond, Virgina. Many people in the local community haven't been exposed to the sport because it is only accessible if you belong to a country club.

My goal was to familiarize the audience with pickleball by focusing on the mechanics and dynamics of the sport.

Court as Grid

The logo is is based on the dimensions of a pickle ball court. The edges are rounded to feel more approachable but still familiar.

Rally is playful, energetic and vibrant.

Building a Visual Language

After finalizing the logo, I started to explore how the abstracted court can be used to inform the interior and exterior space.

Patterns to Convey Motion